Dustless Blasting

Still Engineering’s dustless blasting systems that can be employed to quickly and efficiently remove a variety of coatings, corrosion and residues, leaving surfaces pristine, contaminant free and profiled ready for re-coating or painting.

Dustless blasting employs both the simplicity of a standard dry blasting system along with ultra-high pressure water jetting, producing increased power and efficiency without the associated hazards and complications of conventional dry sandblasting methods.

Dustless blasting is very cost effective in terms of consumption and waste removal costs.

Dustless blasting is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of situations, including:

  • Industrial steel preparation
  • Rust and paint removal
  • Graffiti removal
  • Deposit, mark and stain removal
  • Road marking removal and cleaning
  • Steel, wood and fibreglass cleaning
  • Removal of limpet residue and textured coatings

Other benefits of dustless blasting over conventional  sandblasting methods include:

  • Non-sparking – Safe in hazardous environments
  • Highly productive – Short time frames and reduced labour costs
  • No plant shutdown required – Items can be blasted on site
  • Very little residue – Fast clean up
  • Significantly less noise than conventional blasting
  • De-paint and de-grease all in one step
  • Inhibits rust for 72 hours after blasting
  • Produces a feathered edge to blast area – Seamless quality repairs
  • Improved profiling of substrate for superior adhesion of paint or coatings
  • Removes soluble salts and chlorides

Still’s dustless blasting method is environmentally friendly, using 50% less grit than a dry sandblasting system and virtually eliminates air born dust. This allows use in confined spaces, high traffic areas and in close proximity to other personnel. The system meets the highest international safety standards and is also Ex rated, Zone 1 approved, Baseefa accredited, and TuV, ATEX & NORSOK compliant.  sandblasting  sandblasting bathurst